Enterprise C.R. is a company of distribution and services in the field of the refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating systems in America.

Founded in 1994, Enterprise C.R. worked in various large building sites and took part in the installation, repair and preventive maintenance of the various systems of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating in several pastes and papers’ factories, hydroelectric stations and large department stores.

Always listening to their customers’ needs, Enterprise C.R. develops, imports and markets new lines of exclusive air treatment products in America such as BARKER.

Basrker’s products are a complete range of air-conditioners for windows, portable mural biblocs heat pumps, portable air-conditioners and dehumidifiers of high quality and robustness. For us, it is comfort above all!

Our products are manufactured in one of the largest factory of China which annually produces more than one million and half of air-conditioners and recruiting more than 1200 employees.

Enterprise C.R. offers products which respect the highest standard of quality in America and also provides a continual customer support so they always improve the marketing of their products as well as the after sale service.


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