1- Does it heat and cool the air?
Yes, it's an excellent air conditioning and heating system. In addition to air conditioning and heating, there are other functions such as dehumidifier, ventilation and filtration. In all, five fonctions are available.
2- Up to what outdoor temperature could it heat a home?
Up to -8 C. Less than this temperature, there is no economy do be done. You should turn off the air conditioner/heat pump.
3- What are the operating costs?
Hydro Quebec suggests that for a 24 hours period in climatisation mode, the air conditioner unit stops, starts and works on average 6 hours per day. Which results in costs of about 60 cents per day.
4- Is it loud?
No, it is one of the quietest heat pumps on the market. Only 34 decibels at low level.
5- Is there any danger of folding the piping during installation?
No, because the flexible braided stainless steel piping is designed for this purpose. However, you should always manipulate the pipes carefully and follow the instructions.
6- How long is the flexible piping?
Available in 12 feet and 20 feet long.
7- Do we empty the vacuum after the installation?
No, the outdoor unit, the indoor unit and the flexible piping assembly are already pressurized with a R-410 ecological coolant.
8- What power does the air conditioner works?
12000 BTU on 115 volts --- 20 Amp with delay circuit. (Wire 2/12)
18000 BTU on 220 volts --- 20 Amp with delay circuit. (Wire 2/12)
9- What size of house can be cooled by an air conditioner/heat pump?
12000 BTU Up to 950 square feet max. For a normal sized home.
18000 BTU Up to 1650 square feet max. For a normal sized home.
10- Where should you install this type of air conditioner?
The indoor unit should always be installed on an outside wall, this makes the installation easier and faster. If this is not possible, you must take more precautions because of the drain which evacuates water by gravity.
11- How do you install the indoor unit on the wall?
Always install the air conditioner/heat pump at 2 inches from the ceiling and well leveled. Guiding the air conditioner so that the air reaches the most distant areas of your home.
Exemple :
- facing a hallway
- at the end of the hallway facing the largest rooms.
12- What are the dimensions required for indoor installation?
32 inches width for the 12000 and 37 inches for the 18000 BTU
13 inches height for the 12000 for the 18000 BTU
13- Can we install the outdoor unit directly on the ground?
No, because during the winter, ice building up would be harmful to the unit.
14- Can we cover the outdoor unit in the winter?
Yes, you can cover the unit with a cloth designed for this purpose, but you must always close the circuit breaker before covering the unit.
15- What kind of maintenance is there to do on the air conditioner?
Clean interior filters twice a year in the spring and in the fall. Check for any accumulation of dirt in the radiator of the outdoor unit.
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