Cooling Mode

The inner part of your air conditioner draws warm air from the ceiling and transforms it into cold air. In cooling mode, the indoor fan operates continuously and recirculates.

Ex: If the temperature of your home = 24 degrees or more, adjust the air temperature to 20, 21 where 22 degrees depending on comfort desired.

Sequence :

1 – Select on your remote: cooling mode or snowflake. (Never to automatic).
2 - Adjust the temperature to 20, 21 or 22 or lower. (Never to automatic)
3 - Adjust the fan speed in 2nd or 3rd gear. (Never to automatic)
4 - The fan in the inside will start and shutters will open to the required position (position 3 or 4 recommended).
5 - After 3 minutes, the outdoor unit will turn on to cool the radiator inside.
6 - When the setpoint is reached, the outdoor unit will stop, but the fan inside the unit in will remain in ventilation mode until the air becomes hot again.

We advise you to adjust the fan speed to 2 or 3 and shutters at 90 degrees parallel to the ceiling allowing cold air to reach the most distant areas of your home.

Do not forget to clean your filters with warm water only. Clean filters help improve indoor air distribution.

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