Heating Mode

Here is the normal sequence of heating. Heating mode is different from other modes.

In the heating mode, the lowest outdoors temperature that you may heat is -8 degrees Celsius which brings use near the 15th of December. At lower temperature than -8 degrees, there is no economy do be done. It's recommended to close the circuit breaker and to remove the batteries in the remote control in the period between the 15th of December to the 1st of March.

As the inner part of your air conditioner is installed in the ceiling of your home and it is warmer by the ceiling You should ask a set point 3 to 4 degrees higher than the temperature of your home.

Ex: If the temperature of your home = 21 degrees, adjust the heating unit at 25 to 24 degrees or more.

Sequence :

1 - Select on your remote control the heating or the sun. (Never to automatic).
2 - Adjust the temperature to 24, 25 or 26 or more. (Never to automatic).
3 - Adjust the fan speed in 2nd or 3rd gear. (Never to automatic).
4 - The fan in the interior will remain off and the shutters will be partially open for a few minutes.
5 - After 3 minutes, the outdoor unit will run for 4-5 minutes to warm up inside the radiator.
6 - When the inside of the radiator will be hot enough, the shutters will come down and the fan will begin to push hot air.
7 - When the setpoint is reached, the indoor and outdoor unit will stop again and will be in standby mode until the air is cooler.

We advise you to adjust the fan speed to 2 or 3 and air shutters to 45 degrees downward to push air further preventing warm air to quickly return to the wall unit and achieve the set point too early.

Do not forget to clean your filters with warm water only. Clean filters help improve indoor air distribution.

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